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Click Here: Bruxism/ Night Guards

Do you have teeth that are flattened, chipped or loose? Do you have tight jaw muscles? If so you may be experiencing Bruxism- the condition of grinding/ clenching your teeth at night or during the day. Two key things you should know about Bruxism are:

1. You grind your teeth much harder in sleep than awake

2. Grinding your teeth can cause chipping, fractures and strain on your teeth (sleepdisordersguide.com).

In order to help protect your teeth from Bruxism, a night guard may be applied like the one shown above. A night guard is adjusted to fit your bite, leaving no discomfort and no pain but rather relaxation and comfort! With a complimentary exam, we can help! If you have any questions about Bruxism or night guard appliances, please visit my website: ChevyChaseSmiles.com or call my office: 301-664-9695 for more information!

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