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What is healthy living? To some, it may just be diet and exercise. To others, it may be having a better night’s rest or spending more time outdoors. To Chevy Chase Smiles, healthy living is the steps and strategies that focuses on taking care of all aspects of your well-being: mind, body, and spirit. Although Chevy Chase Smiles is a general and cosmetic dentistry and focuses specifically on oral health, we like to take the time to stress the importance of overall health as well. We advocate for a holistic lifestyle, acknowledging that your outer beauty is a mere image of your overall health including:

Mental/ Emotional Wellness
–       Positive attitude
–       Positive Self Image
–       Emotional balance
–       IntuitionPhysical Wellness
–       Proper rest
–       Good nutrition/ Staying Hydrated
–       Exercise
–       Stress Management TechniquesSpiritual Wellness
–       Being Present
–       Inner Calmness
–       Breathing exercises
–       Living for a purposeHaving all components of one’s self in equilibrium is important because a healthy lifestyle is a valuable resource for reducing other health problems and diseases. Healthy living is simple, but it is not easy. A first simple step to healthy living is to make an appointment with your doctor or dentist to catch up on your routine screening and immunizations. Chevy Chase Smiles cares about your health and works every day to make sure you are receiving the best care possible. Call our office, 301-664-9695, and make an appointment today to take the first step to healthy living!

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