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Do you experience jaw or mouth pain? Do you experience headaches and tension? If so you may have Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)- a repetitive strain injury which can be caused from a sports injury, stress, or even grinding your teeth at night. We are here to help! One option may be administering a muscle relaxer, which will reduce forces on the TM joint and teeth, or a night appliance, which is adjusted to fit your bite leaving you with no discomfort! At Chevy Chase Smiles, we are dedicated to making you feel comfortable and confident. Your smile and health is our passion, and we hope you live feeling confident in your presence every day. Be Bold. Be Bright. Be Beautiful. Be YOU!

To schedule a FREE CONSULTATION please schedule an appointment on my website: chevychasesmiles.com or call my office: 301-664-9695 if you have any questions!

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